My art is rooted in design mixed with play. I reexamine perspectives by combining abstract form with narrative sculpture. A background in textiles, graphic design, and woodworking allows me to utilizes a variety of materials in the work. Exterior shapes refer to architecture, laboratory equipment, musical instruments, and 1960’s sci-fi, while hiding miniature stories within. 

By hiding sculpture inside sculpture, the viewer is invited to engage his or her own curiosity as conventional expectations are reshaped, distorted, or sometimes ignored. By offering multiple perspectives, the viewer is offered an opportunity to physically shift the way they look at something, to change his/her viewpoint.

As I move toward completing a work, I often gain a better understanding in regards to some aspect of myself or the world around me. The finished piece becomes my teacher as themes revolve around the universal everyday and banal moments like waiting, commuting, vacations, and snow storms.